Math 409 (Topics in Geometry for Secondary and Middle School Teachers)
Spring 2013

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General Information

The Basics

Important Dates

Required Materials

Homework Assignments

Here is the master problem list, which I will update frequently (last update: (May 1). I'll assign some of these as homework, and you'll work on some of them in groups in class. You can use the other ones for review. I will be adding problems to the list as the semester progresses.

Homework is due every Tuesday at 5:00 PM. No late homework will be accepted. If you have a conflict which prevents you from turning the homework in on time, let me know before the deadline.

Written assignments should be submitted to me in class, left in my mailbox in the Math Department office (405 Snow) or brought to my office (623 Snow). When you write proofs, you should refer to the master list of axioms, definitions and theorems (last updated 2/12/13), and cite (by number) every fact or definition that you use. Here is a short list with the same numbering, but no proofs --- just axioms and theorems.

Sketchpad assignments should be e-mailed to me as attachments. If you submit them early, I will try to respond as quickly as possible so that you can fix mistakes. You can keep re-submitting sketches until the weekly deadline of Tuesday at 5 PM. Here is the grading scale for Sketchpad assignments:

Re-submitting a sketch (before the deadline) can only increase your grade on it.

Homework #1 (due Tuesday, January 29):

Homework #2 (due Tuesday, February 5):

Homework #3 (due Tuesday, February 12):

Homework #4 (due Tuesday, February 19):

Homework #5 (due Tuesday, February 26):

Homework #6 (due Tuesday, March 5):

Homework #7 (due Tuesday, March 12):

Homework #8 (due Tuesday, April 2):

Homework #9 (due Tuesday, April 9):

Homework #10 (due Thursday, April 18):

Homework #11 (due Tuesday, April 30):

Homework #12 (due Thursday, May 9):

Midterm and Final Exam Information

The midterm exam took place in class on Thursday, March 14. Here is midterm review information and the short list of axioms and theorems.

The final exam will take place on Monday, May 13, from 1:30-4:00 PM in Snow 301. Here is exam review information.


Course materials

Many of these materials are adapted from those used by Prof. Judy Roitman.

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