Math 725 (Graph Theory)
Spring 2016

Information about the end-of-semester project is now available (3/30/16).

General Information

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes (PDF). Last updated 4/27/16. Contents:

  1. The Basics
  2. Counting Spanning Trees
  3. Matchings
  4. Connectivity, Cuts and Flows
  5. Coloring
  6. Planarity
  7. The Tutte Polynomial
  8. Ramsey theory; random graphs (in progress)

Important Dates

Problem Sets

Problem sets will be assigned approximately every two weeks, at least one week in advance of the deadline. Typically, the deadline will be Friday at 5pm. To submit each problem set, e-mail me the PDF file under the name {your-last-name}{number-of-problem-set}.pdf (e.g., "Tutte5.pdf").

All solutions must be typeset using LaTeX. You are encouraged to use the Math 725 header file; see below for additional resources.

Solution sets are available to enrolled students via the Blackboard page.

Number Due date Problem set LaTeX source
HW #1 Fri 1/29 hw1.pdf hw1.tex
HW #2 Fri 2/12 hw2.pdf hw2.tex
HW #3 Fri 2/26 hw3.pdf hw3.tex
HW #4 Fri 3/11 hw4.pdf hw4.tex
HW #5 Fri 4/1 hw5.pdf hw5.tex
HW #6 Fri 4/22 hw6.pdf hw6.tex
HW #7 Cancelled

Independent Research Project

The assignment (3/30/16)



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