Math 821 (Algebraic Topology)
Spring 2018

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General Information

Instructor: Jeremy Martin
618 Snow Hall, 864-7114
The best way to contact me is by e-mail:

KU course number: 67998
Syllabus (1/9/18; subject to change)
Meeting times: MWF, 1:00-1:50pm, 564 Snow
Office hours: Wed 10-11am, Fri 2-3pm, or by appointment
Final exam: Monday 5/7/18, 10:30am-1:00pm

Prerequisites: Math 790-791 and Math 820, or permission of instructor. More details in the syllabus.

Blackboard: I will use Blackboard to post solution sets and lecture notes for the use of Math 821 students only. These materials must not be redistributed.

Textbook: Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher (Cambridge U. Press, 2002). Available as a free download from the author's website. If you choose to use the downloaded version, do not print out a copy on the department printer! You can also buy a paperback copy for around $40. See the syllabus for a list of secondary texts that may be helpful.


Chapter 0: Basic Geometric Notions

Chapter 1: The Fundamental Group

Chapter 2: Homology

Chapter 3: Cohomology

Problem Sets

Problem sets are due in class approximately every two weeks. I will post problems on the website at least a week in advance. Problem sets are subject to change before that time, so make sure you have the final version.





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