Math 410 (Mathematics History for Secondary and Middle School Teachers)
Spring 2009

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Basic Information

All students enrolled in Math 410 should also be enrolled simultaneously in Math 409 (Geometry for Secondary and Middle School Teachers).

Homework Problems

Here is the complete list of homework problems. I will add problems to the list as the semester progresses.

Class Notes

  1. Ancient Babylonian and Egyptian geometry (1/21/09)
  2. Greek mathematics through Pythagoras (1/28/09)
  3. The circumference of the earth (2/4/09)
  4. Prime numbers (2/11/09)
  5. Three classical geometry problems (2/18/09)
  6. The origins of graph theory (3/25/09)
  7. The Four-Color Theorem (4/1/09)
  8. Infinity (4/8/09)
  9. Cantor's diagonal argument (4/15/09)

Sources for the material in these notes include:

Final Exam

Here's the final exam for Math 410.

The exam is a take-home project consisting of a set of questions on topics we didn't have time to cover in class. You may use any written source (notes, books, or reliable Web source). You may not ask any person any question (this includes other students, librarians, etc.) --- you should do your own research to find the answers.

Answers are due on Tuesday, May 12 at 1:00 PM (the time that the written final exam would end if we were having a written final exam). Turn in your solutions to Prof. Martin's office, Snow 541.


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