Math 105 (Topics in Mathematics)
Fall 2014

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General Information

KU course number: 13161
Meeting times: MWF, 3:00-3:50 PM, Budig 120

Instructor: Prof. Jeremy Martin
Office hours (Snow 623): Tue/Wed, 2:00-3:00 PM, or by appointment


Teaching Assistants:
Davut Ayan
Oguzhan Batmaz
Brendan Stevens
Zunwu Zhou

Course Prerequisites: MATH 101 or MATH 104, or two years of high school algebra and a score of 26 or higher on ACT mathematics, or a qualifying score on the mathematics placement test. For questions about placement, consult Lindsey Deaver, Mathematics Advising Specialist,

Textbook: Excursions in Modern Mathematics, KU custom edition, by Peter Tannenbaum. Available at KU Bookstore.

Homework: All homework assignments are to be done on the MyMathLab online system, which will be available on the first day of classes (August 25). Homework can be accessed either from Blackboard or the Math Department MyMathLab portal. For help with login issues, see this page. The best way to get help with homework is to come to the Help Room (Snow 151).

Help Room Schedule

10-11 Brendan Zunwu Brendan Oguzhan
11-12 Brendan Davut Brendan Davut Oguzhan
12-1 Zunwu Davut Zunwu Davut Zunwu
1-2 Davut Davut Zunwu Davut Zunwu
2-3 Davut Prof. Martin
(Snow 623)
Prof. Martin
(Snow 623)
Davut Davut
3-4 Class Oguzhan Class Oguzhan Class
4-5 Oguzhan Oguzhan Zunwu Oguzhan Brendan
5-6 Oguzhan Oguzhan Zunwu Oguzhan Brendan

Important Dates

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for Chapter 6:

Review Material

Fair-Divison Problems (Chapter 3):

Graph theory and Euler paths/circuits (Chapter 5):


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